January 25, 2012

Back to Lincoln move studied for sixth grade

Lincoln Principal Cindy Godfrey and MS/HS Principal Lance Horwath are considering a proposal to move the 6th grade back to Lincoln. Initially, 6th grade was moved to the MS/HS building because of space issues; however, since that time, the bump in population has smoothed out and there is once again space at the elementary school to house the grade.

“The original discussion centered around finances,” said Horwath. “We were trying to determine whether this move helps us financially.” More of the topic is centered around whether or not 6th graders should be in a 6-12 building. “We do our best to make sure our 6th graders are self contained for four out of six hours, but there will be times when they’re passing older kids. We’re just trying to decide if we want to keep them young for one more year,” he continued.

Many of the issues regarding placement of the sixth grade require planning to adjust to: age appropriateness, effects on class size, classroom space, 6th grade band, elective offerings, staffing and even library books. Administrators are also conscious of the size of classes going through and trying to make sure there is a permanent spot that is appropriate for the 6th grade.

The decision regarding the placement of the 6th grade will be made before May so there will be sufficient time to prepare the 6th grade to either stay at Lincoln or transition to the MS/HS building. Administrators are hoping to make the decision in March.

In other business:

• The board heard from Superintendant Dr. Michael Osborne that one of the greatest fears going into the bond project won’t be coming true. “When we started the process, only four boilers were working and we were afraid that if another boiler went down we couldn’t keep up with our heating. Well, our fourth boiler is on its way out right now, and Todd Dailey Engineering got involved immediately. We have ordered in a boiler, and will have it on the premises, so that if the last one goes out we’ll have a new one installed within a day and a half,” Osborne reported. “We couldn’t have done this without the bond.”

• Osborne also reported that the types of construction projects going on over the summer will limit the programs the school can provide, including food service and sports. “There’s a limit on how close we can have students to any construction we have going on,” Osborne said.

•  Lincoln Principal Cindy Godfrey reported that they have started an afterschool program for their 2nd-4th graders for students who need some academic help beyond the classrooms. Students will be staying for an hour after school to work with our teachers, with their parents’ permission. “We’re excited about getting that started for our students,” she said.

• Principal Godfrey also met with MS/HS Principal Lance Horwath and Lou Graham in December about planning their next five year tech plan, which must be approved by the State of Michigan, since the previous plan expires in June. Most of the planning was completed at the December meeting. With staff input, the group plans to finish the plan within the next month, since it must be approved by the superintendant, the ISD, and the State Department of Education.

• Athletic Director Jeremy Beal reported that he received a phone call from MHSAA Executive Director Jack Roberts stating, “Sang Woo Robinson is officially eligible to compete.” No more detail was provided, stated Beal.

• Beal told the board that he received a notice that Coach Marry has received the 2011 Coach of the Year award on a national level from the NFHS Coach’s Association. He was recognized at the state level in the sport of wrestling.

• Beal also reported that on January 7th, Hudson High School hosted their biggest competitive cheerleading meet ever of 24 teams. “Everyone did an excellent job, got everything set up, ran 24 cheer teams through starting at 10, and ended at 2:30. The event went just as well as anyone could hope for, and we had a Knights of Columbus free throw contest run on time at 3:00,” he said. Beal continued, “And because that wasn’t very difficult for our people to do, we just pulled off our Hudson Super 16, which was 31 teams of wrestling.”

Last, but not least, said Beal, Hudson will be hosting the LCAA Wrestling Tourney on February 4 that used to be at Dundee. “This is the first time it will be at Hudson,” said Beal. “This will be the capstone event for the wrestling team.”

•  The school board heard a proposal for an easement for the north section of the walking trail, which will be passing through Lincoln Schools’ property. The Don Murdoch Trail will be completely paid for by city monies, and the school with not be responsible for any construction or maintenance of the trail. The school will not pay a penny for the trail.

• Finally, Superintendent Dr. Michael Osborne closed with a proposal to attempt to mitigate some of the advertising issues the county school districts have had over the past few years. “People may have seen things in the newspaper regarding people’s frustration with the amount of money being spent on advertising, and this proposal is an attempt to try to address this,” Osborne said. “For Hudson, this really isn’t an issue. We’ve alrady taken a lead with Onsted, Adrian and Morenci in trying to work together.” The proposal, which was passed unanimously by School Board, is to cease promotional activities except agreed upon joint advertising with other schools in the county. Clinton, Madison and Onsted have all already passed the measure.