April 5, 2012

First Baptist Church gets new minister

Hudson First Baptist Church has a new minister, John Rath, who has taken over from Tom Ball after eleven years.

Rath is originally from Montpelier, Ohio. He formerly was a school teacher in Stryker and Columbus, OH, teaching English in high school and middle school.  and coached track and field. He holds bachelor’s degrees in education and agriculture, and a master’s degree from Moody Bible Insitute in Chicago.

Rath is a man with a wide range of interests. He’s never been married, which gives him time to pursue some of his interests.

“I intend to get busy with fishing, and a lot of members of the church are into fishing,” he said. He also an avid hunter and enjoys sports, “So the high school can count on me coming to some of the home football games and track meets.” The first thing he put on his desk when he got into his office was a tiger.

“My prayer,” he commented, “Is that the church will continue to grow and prosper during my time here, that everyone in town will see First Baptist as a friendly place where people care about you as a person and a place where you can grow closer together.”